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topl-service-base / io.matthewnelson.topl_service_base / BaseV3ClientAuthManager


abstract class BaseV3ClientAuthManager (source)


Name Summary
<init> BaseV3ClientAuthManager()


Name Summary
addV3ClientAuthenticationPrivateKey Creates a file containing v3 Client Authorization for a Hidden Service in the format of:abstract fun addV3ClientAuthenticationPrivateKey(nickname:String, onionAddress:String, base32EncodedPrivateKey:String):File?
deleteFile abstract fun deleteFile(nickname:String):Boolean?
abstract fun deleteFile(file:File):Boolean?
getAllFileNicknames From the v3 Client Authentication directory, all files that contain the “.auth_private” extension will have their name w/o the extension returned in an array. If the directory is empty, returns null.abstract fun getAllFileNicknames():Array<String>?
getAllFiles All files within the v3 Client Authentication directory are returned. If the directory is empty, returns null.abstract fun getAllFiles():Array<File>?
getFileByNickname Retrieve a v3 client authentication file by the nickname, whether the file extension “.auth_private” is included or not.abstract fun getFileByNickname(nickname:String):File?
getFileContent abstract fun getFileContent(nickname:String):V3ClientAuthContent?
abstract fun getFileContent(file:File):V3ClientAuthContent?