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topl-service-base / io.matthewnelson.topl_service_base / BaseServiceConsts


abstract class BaseServiceConsts :BaseConsts (source)


Name Summary
BackgroundPolicy annotation class BackgroundPolicy
PrefKeyBoolean annotation class PrefKeyBoolean
PrefKeyInt annotation class PrefKeyInt
PrefKeyList annotation class PrefKeyList
PrefKeyString annotation class PrefKeyString
ServiceActionName annotation class ServiceActionName
ServiceLifecycleEvent annotation class ServiceLifecycleEvent


Name Summary
<init> BaseServiceConsts()


Name Summary
TorServicePrefs This class provides a standardized way for library users to change settings used by the topl-service module such that the values expressed as default io.matthewnelson.topl_service_base.ApplicationDefaultTorSettings when initializing things can be modified by the implementing application.class TorServicePrefs :BaseServiceConsts