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topl-core-base / io.matthewnelson.topl_core_base / TorConfigFiles / Builder / <init>


Builder(installDir:File, configDir:File)

Builder for TorConfig.

See also Companion.createConfig for convenience methods.

//  fun customTorConfigFilesSetup(context: Context): TorConfigFiles {

        // This is modifying the directory hierarchy from TorService's
        // default setup. For example, if you are using binaries for Tor that
        // are named differently that that expressed in TorConfigFiles.createConfig()

        // Post Android API 28 requires that executable files be contained in your
        // application's data/app directory, as they can no longer execute from data/data.
        val installDir = File(context.applicationInfo.nativeLibraryDir)

        // Will create a directory within your application's data/data dir
        val configDir = context.getDir("torservice", Context.MODE_PRIVATE)

        val builder = TorConfigFiles.Builder(installDir, configDir)

        // Customize the tor executable file name. Requires that the executable file
        // be in your module's src/main/jniLibs directory. If you are getting your
        // executable files via a dependency be sure to consult that Library's documentation.
        builder.torExecutable(File(installDir, ""))

        // customize further via the builder methods...

//  }


installDir - directory where the tor binaries are installed.

configDir - directory where the filesystem will be setup for tor.